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TETSURO SAWADA     Japan   1933-1998

A master of bokashi (shading), the most difficult technique in the medium of silkscreen, Sawada inked and self-printed all of his own prints. Up to 24 screens were used to create his floating, infinite images - always striking and harmonious contrasts of high gloss and matte colors of great depth and beauty. His Skyscapes are stark, yet beautiful. technically perfect prints which express the mood of the jet age. Cloud layers deceptively appear as land masses. the eye sees one mirage after another - the medium eminently suited to the message. Sawada was born in 1933 in Hokkaido the mountainous northern island  of Japan which is known for its clear skies and alpine vistas, clearly the source of the artists inspiration. He graduated from Musashimo Art University where he majored in Western painting. In 1960 he began painting abstract oils and in 1973 began producing lithographs and then silkscreen prints. His work is held in numerous public collections, including the Cleveland Museum of Art; British Museum; Cincinnati Art Museum; Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, and the Queensland Art Museum, Australia, as well as many prestigious private and corporate collections.

Tetsuro SAWADA Japan

Emerald Skyscape 1975

Screenprint 18/20

250 x 250 image size

480 x 360 paper size