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SIR TERRY FROST   1915-2003        Great Britain

Sir Terrence Ernest Manitou Frost (Terry Frost)'s work is full of vitality, colour and rhythm, which reflect the man and his great humour. He was born in 1915 at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and served in the British Army from 1939 to 1945 and was a prisoner of war in Salonika, Poland and Germany Stalag 383. During his wartime experience he was nearly killed several times and saw a lot of his best friends die. While a prisoner of war, Terry met the painter Adrian Heath who encouraged him to paint and apply to Camberwell School of Art in London where he studied under Victor Pasmore, William Coldstream and Lawrence Gowing, and then at the Penzance School of Art. Terry produced his first abstract paintings in 1947, His first abstract show in 1951, was at the Riverside Museum, New York. Terry was  assistant to Barbara Hepworth on the Festival of British Sculptures. By the late 1950’s he was established as a leading figure in the forefront of the British Modernist Movement. From that time until Terry’s death he continued to work inexhaustibly, exhibit throughout the world. and was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts.

Sir Terry FROST

Great Britain 1915-2003

Black - untitled

Screenprint 28/75

600 x 830 image size

750 x1000 paper size