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KATE HUDSON      Australia

Kate Hudson is a well-loved printmaker whose works grace many homes and interiors. She has been a finalist in the Silk Cut Awards and the Nillumbik prize, as well as winning the APW Collie Print Trust Scholarship for emerging Victorian printmakers. Continuing the trend that Margaret Preston began with incorporating Australian native flora into artwork, Hudson's work incorporates art deco with a modern twist. She specialises in limited edition linocut prints in black & white and colour. She uses native birds, flowers and domestic items to make her highly patterned and decorative prints. Kate trained as a textile designer at the Central School of Art & Design in London and worked freelance for 6 years before migrating to Australia in 1990 with her young family. She rediscovered linocutting when asked to teach  at her local Living & Learning Centre. She is primarily interested in the patterns and colours of the things she chooses to draw. This has been fostered by her training in textile design and a lifelong love of oriental art. Kate does all her drawing, designing and block carving in her Eltham studio and usually prints at the Australian Print Workshop in Fitzroy on Albion and Columbian presses dating from the 1880's  All Kate's colour linocuts are reduction prints. Multi coloured prints are produced by carving 1 or 2 blocks for all the colours used. More of the printing surface is removed after each colour has been printed.



Native Posy 2012

Linocut 0/26

260 x 220 image size

000 x 000 paper size