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GEORGE GUEST  Great Britain   1935 -

clockwise from top left

"Summer Oak"

Lithograph 100/200 1980

"High House"

Lithograph 100/200 1980

"Monumental Landscape"

Lithograph 20/200 1980

'White Horizon"

Lithograph 100/200 1980

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Artist George Guest, from Hebden Bridge in Great Britain, says: "My move to rural Oxfordshire from London in the early seventies made such a powerful visual and emotional impact on me, that I devoted all my energies into painting".   These evocative British landscape lithographs from the Artnet collection come from this time and show George Guest at his best. They were published in the early 80's by Christie's Contemporary Art. "I moved to Hebden Bridge in 1981. This was a totally different landscape, difficult to read in its intricate complexities of moors and river valleys and rapidly changing weather patterns. Painting on a larger scale was my attempt to come to grips with it." This led to new landscape studies, some of which took years to complete, The artist held a retrospective which presented drawings from the artist's everyday life."Initially it was a form of visual diary, started during a lull in painting, they have now developed into a more advanced form of colour note taking and now paintings are evolving from this."