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DAVID RANKIN  Australia  1946 -

David Rankin is a New York-based Australian artist who had his first exhibition through Watters gallery in Sydney at age 22. He works predominantly in oil and acrylic on canvas, but also works with paper, prints, sculptures and ceramics. Rankin has held over 100 one-person exhibitions in cities across the world and his work forms part of many of the world's leading collections and museums. Rankin is self-taught, developing his techniques and ideas in the outback towns of his youth. He was inspired by the greats from Leonardo da Vinci to Paul Klee as well as being influenced by the history of Buddhism and Asian art. In his travels before he arrived in Sydney in 1967 he developed a concept of what he wanted to achieve as an Australian artist. His dream was to express the anima, the life spirit or the essence of God in all nature. As an Australian artist he believed could bring the elements of Western Art together with an understanding and love for the cultures of Asia and the Australian Aborigine. He also felt that as Australia was closer to Asia than Europe it made sense to think about the art of Indian, Chinese and Japanese artists, and that one could not be an authentic articulate Australian artist without a love and respect for the artistic and spiritual expressions of the various Aboriginal peoples and cultures.





David RANKIN Australia

Golden Hillside I  (above)

Etching (diptyche 2 plates) Bon à Tirer 2001

970 x 1160 image size

1200 x 1400 paper size



(above right)

David RANKIN Australia/

Yellow Ridge II

820 x 570 image size

 Bon à Tirer $528