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ALEXANDER STITT  Australia  1937 -The Flower Show 2014 - tall prints

Until they are printed on rag paper in archival quality inks, Stitt’s contemporary works exist only on his computer screen. His only regret is that technology available now was not around several decades ago, but he’s working hard to make up for lost time, hurling himself into exploring his take on flower arrangements with the energy and originality of the virtuoso he is. Stitt works on only one subject at a time, often for extended periods. He imposes his own drawing disciplines resisting the wilder reaches of gimcrackery made possible by computer painting programs, but very interested in the manipulations of single drawn motifs to create interesting visual effects. Stitt’s massive book, ‘Stitt Autobiographics’ traces a colourful journey through work recognised as part of the Australian cultural landscape over several decades and generations: covers for the World Record Club, TV spots for the Christian Television Association; postage stamps for decimal conversion; the entire ‘Life. Be in it’ campaign, Slip! Slop! Slap and other work for the Anti Cancer Council, magazines for education and entertainment. The list goes on. And on. Punctuating his commercial activities Stitt produced an illustrated novel; a picture book for young children;  a large-format limited edition of prints; two full-length animated feature films; occasional exhibitions of paintings, collages and cels; and a painting exhibited in the Blake prize for religious art

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