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TIM STORRIER               Australia   1945 -

.Tim Storrier is considered one of Australia’s most successful artists. Being the youngest ever winner of the Sir John Sulman Prize in 1968 at age 19, He was hailed as one of Australia’s most promising young landscape artists with a clear understanding of Australia's cultural identity. Storrier is the quintessential painter traveller of contemporary Australian art. Had he been born in the early nineteenth century he would have been an artist assigned to any number of the survey expeditions into the interior during the colonial era to chart the vast unexplored territory. As a contemporary artist he has commenced his own expeditions, both physical and psychological journeys, into the desert landscape of Australia and later North Africa and into his internal world as an artist and a man. The theme of the artist laden with not only his tools of trade but also with the burdens of his own past and that of art history itself has always resonated through Storrier’s work. It found full expression in his 2012 Archibald Prize winning self portrait The Histrionic Wayfarer (after Bosch). Here the ‘artist as wayfarer’ is depicted in his desert landscape laden with an overwhelming surfeit of equipment including maps, compass, brushes, tent, canvas, paintbox, hat, telescope, funnel and dog.Storrier’s curiosity for landscape and culture are documented through his many travels early in his career. Storrier’s Point to Point series was iconic of the artist’s practice in the late 1980s and representative of the artist’s research into painting in an Australian geographical, cultural and psychological context. Beneath this depiction of a masterfully rendered landscape is a complex undertow about Australian identity with all its contradictions.