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TIM STORRIER        Australia   1949 -  "Saddle" series

Tim Storrier's series of Saddle prints are now increasingly hard to come by. They express how ‘each tiny nucleus of possessions has the well worn, well cared for look that instantly suggests long periods of solitary, purposeful travel and is also a poignant comment on the frailty of man amid the immensity of nature.’ They remind us of the canon of conceptual pop art as an assemblage along the lines of the famous Jasper Johns collages in which all manner of real world materials such as flags, maps and letters were fixed on the surface under layers of encaustic and oil paint. Storrier has included all the accoutrement of his life as a painter and traveller as though it is hanging from his saddle like a gold fields tinker. There is the canvas tent, brushes, a spoon, various water canteens, saddle packs, his artist’s palette and of course, dangling bones to represent mortality. His original saddle paintings allude to the transience of life in pencilled notes such as ‘an idea with bones, saddle and maybe the possibility of continuation...’

Tim Storrier limited edition lithograph of Saddles are now very hard to come by.


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