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ALEXANDER STITT  Australia  1937 -The Flower Show 2014 - small prints

Alex Stitt talks about giclée prints I’ve always tended to draw with simple outlines and flat colours. The Cintiq lets me do the same thing rather more cleanly. And all the other benefits—making changes whenever you like, making alternative versions, working at any scale—outweigh any minor restrictions. One problem used to be angle and position of the screen, but the new Cintiq is a joy. It’s counterweighted so it can sit in your lap like a drawing board.The flower prints explore some of the freedoms that come with a Cintiq and Photoshop (which I use as drawing software). I’ve been playing with layers of transparency, and high-key colours drawn cleanly over the top of them. And I’ve been working in big sizes, using the 24-inch and 44-inch roll printers at Image Science, who’ve made most of the prints. (They’ve got a piece about me and the show on their website.) I make small prints on my A2 Epson, using the same stock and inks that are used on the final job—so I don’t have to cross my fingers waiting to see the results.

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