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JIM DINE  USA   1935 -

American painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, performance artist, stage designer and poet must be considered a modern individualist. He studied art at the Cincinnati Arts Academy (1951–3) and later at the Boston Museum School and Ohio University (1954–7). Clothing and domestic objects featured prominently in Dine’s prints of the 1960s, He was equally preoccupied with the elements of his own profession, for example palettes, paint-boxes and brushes, as well as with a variety of tools, which he regarded as extensions of the As early as 1964 he used an image of a man’s dressing-gown, borrowed from a newspaper advertisement, as the basis for a recurring self-portrait, and other images such as a heart, which a become personal trademark. Dine’s method involved repeating his theme again and again, often in several mediums  He was was linked with the Pop art movement through his use of subjects from everyday life, he was at odds with Pop’s deadpan style, then with pure abstraction, Although Dine’s stylistic shifts do not follow a clear, linear path, it can generally be stated that his work of the early 1960s is characterized by the aggressive, haphazard energy of his Happenings and the heritage of the Abstract Expressionist gesture. Dine is an unusually prolific artist, producing large numbers of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures of diverse scale, as well as illustrated books and stage design. He often visits printshops and foundries and has set up dozens of temporary studios in cities all over the USA and Europe in order to focus on special projects or to prepare exhibitions